We are an anarchist group from Munich, Germany. Because we think its important connect with other Antifascist/ Anarchist Groups from all over the world we decided to have a section in English.
You can find our contact information and PGP-Key here an the current dates here


We see ourselves as an autonomic, left-side radical group.
Independent from the consumption and commerce of nowadays life we want to permanently fight any kind of marginalization-processes and oppose to capitalism and fascism anytime.

As Libertarians we no longer want to be put into norms predetermined by our society and therefor see ourselves as a subversive disturbing-factor.

Subversion, that means for us, collectively crossing the constraints that are build in all parts of our life’s. It´s our approach to occur all authority and the symptoms of the capitalist system to fight for a betterment.

Because it´s is not just about fighting the symptoms found in any form of oppression, repression and marginalization. It is about the theoretical and practical examination with the constant produced and reproduced hierarchical social-order anchored in capitalism.

We stand as a collective organized cooperation beyond any authorial rules of action. For this reason we see our work on a liberal, anti-authorial base as a essential and emancipatory process for reflection.

By working with other groups, discussions and different campaigns we try to establish emancipatory consciousness to give our fellows the basic approach for reflecting about the prevalent state of things.

For a liberated life!